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Thank You Partner Program

Facilities and Property Maintenance implemented a recognition program called "THANK YOU PARTNER" for all fulltime employees. This program promotes and recognizes employee contributions that go above and beyond the job description of their responsibilities. The employee recognition program will be a continuous monthly and yearly program for recognizing employees’ best efforts that links to FPM’s Mission Statement "To be the premier customer service organization, dedicated to the people we serve, hardworking to ensure we succeed as good stewards of Harris County".

4-level Appreciation Program:

  •  Monthly Employee Thank You Partner Cards Awarded 
  • Thank You Partner Card Recipient’s and Star Pins 
  • Employee of the Month 
  • Finalist and Employee of the Year Awarded


Employee of the Year: 
The top 12 Employees of the month will be eligible to be considered for Employee of the Year by a selection committee that will evaluate all recognized individuals. A special breakfast presentation will be held to announce and award the Employee of the Year. The winning recipient will receive a coveted FPM Star as Employee of the Year along with a framed certificate, a personalized letter of gratitude and email and website recognition.

Thank You Partner Card Finale: 
At the finale all employees who have received Thank you Partner Cards throughout the year will have the opportunity to be eligible for additional FPM recognition. The more cards awarded the better your chances, FPM wants to recognize and show our appreciation for a job well done thorough out the year. This will culminate the program for the year. The Thank You Partner program will then start all over again in the New Year. 



Michael Graves


Michael Graves - September 2022 - Supervisor Region 4

Award received by Shawn Broadright

IMG_0432 (2).jpg

Guadalupe Trevino

Region 6 Supervisor

Guadalupe Trevino – August 2022 – Region 6 Supervisor

MM-JULY22 (2).jpg

Mohammad Mahmoud

Maintenance Mechanic

Mohammad Mahmoud – July 2022 – Maintenance Mechanic

JJ-JUNE22 (2).jpg

James Jacobs

Project Manager

James Jacob – June 2022 – Project Manager

IMG_0358 (2).png

Rodney Boone

Maintenance Mechanic

Rodney Boone – May 2022 – Maintenance Mechanic

IMG_0356 (2).png

Jermaine Johnson

Inventory Assistant Clerk

Jermaine Johnson – April 2022 – Inventory Assistant Clerk


Jacob Frazelle

Former Director, FPM

Jacob Frazelle – March 2022 –FPM Director

IMG_0322 (2).jpg

Joseph Moore

Building Project Manager

Joseph Moore – February 2022 – Building Project Manager

IMG_0319 (2).jpg

Kendrick Graves

Maintenance Mechanic

Kendrick Graves – January 2022 – Maintenance Mechanic

Jake-Chris (2).png

Chris Bishop

Building Inspector

Chris Bishop – December 2021 – Building Inspector

Jake-Micah (2).png

Micah Henning

Maintenance Mechanic

Micah Henning – November 2021 – Maintenance Mechanic

Jake-Ron (2).png

Ron Fuertes

Project Manager

Ron Fuertes – October 2021 – Project Manager

AntonioGonzalezQ3 (2).jpg

Marco Gonzalez

Locksmith Assistant Supervisor

Marco Gonzalez – September 2021 – LocksmithAssistant Supervisor  

JoseLemusQ3 (2).jpg

Jose Lemus

Maintenance Mechanic South

Jose Lemus – August 2021 –Maintenance Mechanic South

JosephBadellQ3 (2).jpg

Joseph Badell

Contract Manager

Joseph Badell – July 2021 – Contract Manager

Karla-Villanueva-resize551x393 (2).png

Karla Villanueva

Tririga Analyst

June - 2021 - Karla Villanueva - Tririga Analyst

Lucero-Rodriguez (2).png

Lucero Rodriguez

Administrative Assistant

May - 2021 - Lucero Rodriguez - Administrative Assistant

Jason-Criss-resize517x343 (2).png

Jason Criss


April - 2021 - Jason Criss - Plumber

Selen Cruz Employee of the Month March 21 (2).jpg

Selene Cruz

Administrative Assistant

March - 2021 - Selene Cruz - Administrative Assistant

Majin DeLeon.png

Majin DeLeon

TranStar Project Manager

February - 2021 - Majin DeLeon - TranStar Project Manager

john jacobs TYP Jann (2).jpg

John Jacobs

Region 8 Supervisor

January - 2021 - John Jacobs - Region 8 Supervisor

Mauricio-Bustillo-resize279x276-crop274x225 (2).jpg

Mauricio Bustillo

Building Project Manager

December - 2020 - Mauricio Bustillo - Building Project Manager - CIP Special Projects

Mauricio has completed several HVAC upgrade control module projects, his endless efforts continue to make him a valuable employee to FPM.

Henry-Childers-resize288x324-crop288x261 (2).jpg

Henry Childers

Stationary Technician

November 2020 - Henry Childers - Stationary Technician - Region 7

Henry continuously tackles projects effortlessly and in a timely manner, but while doing so comes up with solutions to resolve the work task at hand.

KM Picture-resize229x316-crop229x247.jpg

Kaitlyn Merrow

Contract Manager

October 2020 - Kaitlyn Merrow - Contract Manager -Contract Services

Kaitlyn eagerly took on additional  administrative duties while Justin was off for several weeks. Then she stepped  up again to assist while Amber was transitioning into her new role to ensure  nothing fell through the cracks.

Sholandra-Fearence-crop640x546 (2).jpg

Sholandra Fearence


September 2020 - Shalondra Fearence - Building Maintenance Inspectors - Contract Services

Shalondra has a true desire to serve. She went above and beyond her typical duties when a COVID screener cancelled at the last minute due to a bad weather event.

Kimberly-Flores-1 (2).jpg

Kimberly Flores

Administrative Assistant MEP Shop

August 2020 - Kimberly Flores - Administrative Assistant - MEP Shop

Kimberly did an amazing job auditing the Johnson Supply account due to being low on funds. She found numerous unprocessed invoices and Covid-19 items using a blanket purchase order and took our account off credit hold opening up funding for continued maintenance efforts.

Steven-Rios (2).jpg

Steven Rios

Plumber MEP Shop

July 2020 - Steven Rios - Plumber - Plumbing Shop

Steven completed and received his Journeyman Plumbing License. This make him a valuable asset to the team and county.

Nancy-Calhoun (2).jpg

Nancy Calhoun

Administrative Assistant

June 2020 - Nancy Calhoun - Administrative Assistant - Business Services

Nancy has worked hard with her COVID endeavorsand assisting with administrative responsibilities. She assisted with managing the COVID screening team and any additional efforts, as needed.

Selene-Cruz-crop640x438 (2).jpg

Selene Cruz

Administrative Assistant Maintenance Central

May 2020 - Selene Cruz- Administrative Assistant  - Maintenance Central

Selene is being recognized for her hard work and response with Covid tasks in all the downtown county buildings and courts, and with all various elected county officials.

Jesse-Agueros-crop480x382 (2).jpg

Jesse Agueros

Project Manager Project Services

April 2020 - Jesse Aqueros  - Building Project Manager - Construction Services

Jesse was instrumental managing the JP Phase remodel at Annex 2, he received accolades from that team for his diligent efforts throughout the entire project.

Kyle-Sumpter (2).jpg

Kyle Sumpter

Graphic Technician Sign Shop

March 2020 - Kyle Sumpter - Graphic Technician - Sign Shop

Kyle worked hard at the onset of the Covid outbreak with providing signage throughout the county for social distancing, masking signage and informational posters helping the constituents of the county to be safe. His colleague was out of the country with sick family when this all occurred.

Jeremy Albers_Feb 2020 EOM (2).jpg

Jeremy Albers

Stationary Technician - Region 4

February 2020 - Jeremy Albers - Stationary Technician - Region 4

Jeremy is instrumental in trouble shooting for needed repairs to identify CGM issues. He is always making recommendations on additional repairs needed in the making. He demonstrates a very positive attitude and he is always taking the initiative in a very professional manner.  

Robert Smith_Jan 2020 EOM-2 (2).jpg

Robert Smith

Stationary Technician - Region 6

January 2020 - Robert Smith - Stationary Technician - Region 6

Robert is being recognized for his outstanding leadership, positive attitude, and most importantly his technical ability in the operations of Region 6. He is instrumental in improving team productivity, morale and communication and contributes to training his peers with performance expectations and development.

Diana Moncrief - Employee of the Month-2 (2).png

Diana Moncrief

Customer Service Representative - Administration Guest Services

Diana Moncrief has been recognized as FPM November/December Employee of the Month for her outstanding customer service. She has worked for Harris County for over 22 years and throughouther career with the County she has worked with multiple departments before working for the Administration Building for the last 20 years. She is highly respected in her position; and she continuously works to keep Commissioners Court running smoothly along with our Commissioners and County Judge. She is the proud mother of her son, Michael who lives in the Dallas area.  On the weekends you will find Diana visiting and eating out with friends and working with her congregation. Congratulations Diana, great job!

SidneyGuillory-TYP-October-Employee-oftheMonth2 (2).jpg

Sidney Guillory

Region 5 -FPM Maintenance Mechanic

Sidney has been recognized as FPM October Employee of the Month for his exemplary work performance and attitude. He continues to excel and exceed in all tasks he is asked to perform. Sidney has been an employee of Harris County for over 3 years. He is happily married to his wife Catherine of 17 years and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. On the weekends you will find Sidney doing some of his favorite hobbies which consist of remodeling, shoot & skeet or out fishing. 

2019 October Thank You Partner Finalist

AntonioJakeTYPFinalist2 (2).jpg

Antonio Martinez

FPM Inventory Services Clerk