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New or Additional Space Request

Facilities & Property Maintenance provides all Harris County departments with assistance in locating new or additional office, warehouse and storage space.

If you should be in need of new or additional space, please complete the Office and Storage Space Request Form. The Property Management Division will contact you upon receipt of the information.

   Office and Storage Space Request

   Application form for requesting New or Additional Space.

   Adobe Acrobat PDF [ 185 KB ]

Space Planning Review Process

» Harris County Commissioners’ Court formed the Space Planning Committee (SPC) during the FY 2008-2009 CIP Budget review in order to coordinate the space requests from the county departments.

» The county department requesting the additional space will go to the FPM web site and complete the Space Request Form. The form will be submitted to the FPM Property Management Division for review and action.

» If the request does not show that a Commissioners’ Court letter has been approved or referred to the SPC, the Property Management Division will assist the department in drafting a court letter.

» Once the department has received Commissioners’ Court authorization, the user county department will be contacted by the Property Management Division to schedule a time to attend the SPC meeting to discuss their request.

» The county department’s representative will attend the SPC meeting and discuss the request for additional space. The department must identify its availability of funds for the projected space.

» Thereafter, the project will be appropriately referred to the Budget Office or PID.

» Upon completion of review by the Budget Office and/or PID the matter is referred to SPC for consideration.

» Thereafter, the SPC will submit the project to PID for Commissioners Court approval.

» If the Court approves the project it will be considered closed out and monitored for SPC purposes.