Harris County Engineering Department
Building Operations Services

About Facilities & Property Maintenance

Mission Statement

The premier customer service organization, dedicated to the people we serve, hardworking to ensure we succeed as good stewards of Harris County.

Core Values

Pride - The quality of our work will be seen in all that we do.
Respect - Treat others with dignity and respect.
Integrity - Morally upright and equity through all endeavors.
Relationships - Maintain an effective level of engagement with those we serve.
Community - Making our facilities better, for employees, families and constituents.
Excellence - Strive to be second to none in all that we do.


Excellence, innovation and leadership through unity and effort.


Safety - Risks taken with safety are not worth it, this is non-negotiable.
Quality - Ensuring the task once completed shines as the new standard of craftsmanship.
Unity - Unity is unique when diversity is present, encircle our purpose together.
Communication - Great teams do not hold back, communicate often and effectively.
Image - Customer service and presentation purposefully enacted.
Foresight - Preventively maintain each facility to maximize its life and reduce deficiencies.
Efficiency - Do it right the first time.