Harris County Engineering Department
Building Operations Services


Welcome to Building Operations Services (BOS)

Facilities & Property Maintenance (FPM) will be transitioning to Building Operations Services (BOS). With the responsibility of ensuring that all Harris County facilities perform to the level necessary to meet the day-to-day activity needs of the structure, the facility equipment and systems and ensure safety to its occupants and visitors.   

                                 MISSION STATEMENT
To be a premier customer service organization dedicated to the people we serve and hardworking to ensure we succeed as good stewards of Harris County.
                                      OUR VISION
Excellence, Innovation and Leadership through unity and effort.
                                      OUR VALUES
Pride - The quality of our work will be seen in all we do.
Respect – Treat others with dignity and respect.
Integrity - Morally upright and equity through all endeavors.
Relationships – Maintain an effective level of engagement with those we serve.
Community – Making our facilities better for employees, families and constituents.
Excellence – Strive to be second to none in all that we do