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Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team, led by Mary Edwards, is here to connect our customers to all the services that FPM provides. Our goal is to provide "Great Service for Great People" by understanding your needs and providing quality service, while keeping you informed along the way.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015, is the last day that new applications for a 2015 Frequent Courthouse Visitors (FCV) Badge will be accepted for processing. For those who have a 2015 FCV Badge, the renewal period to acquire a 2016 FCV Badge will begin on September 28, 2015. For those who do not have a 2015 FCV Badge, we will begin accepting applications for a 2016 FCV Badge on January 4, 2016.

Some of the services we can assist you with include:

  New or additional space (office, storage, etc.)

  Changes to an existing space

  All maintenance requests

  Temperature adjustment

  Applying for a Frequent Courthouse Visitor's Badge

  Employee ID Badge

  Reserving Meeting Rooms

  Requests to use a County facility after regular business hours

  Keys or Access Cards

  Displaying Event Posters

Please let us know how we can assist you and your office needs.


Mary Edwards
Call Center Supervisor


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