Security Overview
Frequent Courthouse Visitor (FCV) Program

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Security Policies

Security Policy

FPM has implemented the following policy to ensure a safe experience for all visitors and employees.

Security Checks

Manned security stations are utilized at all county facilities that are home to state and county courts. Visitors must pass through a security screening to enter these buildings.

» All items allowed into FPM facilities are subject to inspection including bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc.

» Cell phones are permitted in county buildings.

» Weapons and firearms are not permitted in any county building. Individuals with weapons or firearms in a county facility may be subject to immediate arrest.


» Security Overview

» Frequent Courthouse Visitor (FCV) Program

Due to the fact that these additional security measures may cause slight delays, we encourage visitors to arrive early, allowing adequate time to enter the facility. This is especially important for any facilities that have courts.

Thank you for your cooperation with the enforcement of these necessary procedures.

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