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Organization Function Chart

This chart shows the reporting structure and functions of Harris County Facilities & Property Management.

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Organization Roles

Willie P. Loston
Director of Harris County Facilities & Property Management

The Director oversees and manages all aspects of Facilities & Property Management's (FPM) business including operations, administration, and property management. The Director is charged with providing management and guidance for Harris County and FPM policies.

Robert Sprott
Deputy Director of Operations

The Deputy Director of Operations reports to the Director and is responsible for overseeing the Building Maintenance and General Services Divisions, and the Building Access & Code Compliance, Facility Monitoring, and Central Plants Administration sections.

Shawn Broadright
Maintenance Administrator

The Administrator of Maintenance reports to the Deputy Director of Operations and is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of 135 facilities across Harris County; including courthouses, parking facilities, jails, warehouses and multi-tenant high rise office buildings. The Maintenance Group is comprised of downtown and outlying building maintenance Regions, a Detention Zone, two Central Plants as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Shops.

Rosanette Bosco
Buildings Administrator

The Buildings Administrator reports to the Deputy Director of Operations and is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the Projects Team, Facility Services Team, Contract Services Team and administers the Capital Repair and Replacement (CR&R) Program, Energy Management, and general facility improvements and repairs to the 135 buildings managed, maintained and operated by FPM.

Trevor Smith
Administrator of Business Services

The Administrator of Business Services reports to the Deputy Director of Operations and oversees the daily activities of several administrative sections including Real Estate, Asset Management, Human Resources, Fiscal Services, and Technology Support Services.