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» Annual 'Lights Out Houston' 2014
Facilities & Property Management (FPM) has been authorized by Commissioners Court to lead the effort and have Harris County, in conjunction with the City of Houston, the Greater Houston Partnership and Central Houston, Inc. participate in the annual 'Lights Out Houston' program. View more >>

» Frequent Courthouse Visitors (FCV) Badge Program Renewal
The renewal process for the 2014 Frequent Courthouse Visitor’s Program has begun. View more >>

Customer Service

Employee Badge

Facilities & Property Management provides new and replacement badges to all Harris County employees. This uniform visual badge serves as a security for identifying county employees.

For your convenience, FPM's Customer Service section is now available Monday through Friday to handle Harris County Employee badges and Frequent Courthouse Visitor's badges between the hours of 7:30a - 4:00p.

For more information, please contact Customer Service at 713-755-2255.

Employee Badge Form

Application form for the Authorization to Issue a Harris County Identification Card.

Adobe Acrobat PDF [ 47 KB ]

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