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Guidelines for Posting Notices in County Buildings

This policy applies to all postings to be placed in buildings under the supervision and direction of Facilities & Property Maintenance (FPM).


County departments and agencies requesting that postings be displayed in county buildings can submit the "Posting Notice Request" form along with a sample of the posting to the FPM Customer Service section.

The sample of the posting will be reviewed by Customer Service to ensure that it conforms to the standards below: 

Size: In general, the size of the notice should be no larger than one-half of an 8.5 X 11 in. sheet of paper. Exceptions will include Commissioners Court Resolutions, postings required by statute, and pre-printed mass produced posters, such as those used to announce blood drives and charity functions. These may be submitted and decided on a case-by-case basis by the Director.

Content: The mention of money will not be allowed in the posting. Postings should be neither controversial nor political in content. Postings must be government affiliated with no private advertising allowed.

Timing: Postings should be timely, generally posted for no longer than two weeks prior to an event, and will be removed the next working day after the event.

Quantity: The requesting party is responsible for reproducing the posting in the quantities required. 
Customer Service will approve the posting and arrange for distribution and removal. 

Posting Notices Request

Application form to post notices in buildings
supervised by Harris County Facilities &
Property Maintenance (FPM).

Adobe Acrobat PDF [ 153 KB ]